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Item Name Price Change Original Price Amount in Hotel
Golden Bathtub 100k 5k 10k 15/15
Fluffy Plushy 100k 10k 10k 10/10
Darkstar Dragon 84k 15k 1.5k 50/50
Placid Pony Toy 80k 20k 10/10
Cloud Throne 80k 10k 25/25
Happy Milk Plushie 72k 4k 10/10
Rare Arcade Cabinet 70k 4.3k 36/36
Camera 60k 5k 5k 15/15
Executive Drink Cabinet 60k 5k 5k 20/20
Mega TV Set 40k 10k 1000 15/15
Pink Dragon Lamp 40k 10k 1000 100/100
Executive Ice Cream Machine 32k 4k 100/100
Pearl Dragon Egg 30k 7.5k 100/100
Black Dino Egg 30k 7.5k 100/100
Cherry Tree 7.5k 7.5k 750 89/100
Santa Throne 5k 5k 500 24/25
Santa's Workbench 5k 5k 500 25/25