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Maroon Rares
Item Name Price Change Original Price Amount in Hotel
Maroon Balloon 3.2k 3k 1 32
Maroon Dragon Lamp 3k 44
Maroon Ice Cream Machine 2.5k 47
Maroon Elephant 2.3k 32
Maroon Fountain 2.2k 42
Maroon Pillow 2.2k 35
Maroon Parasol 2.2k 44
Maroon Spaceship Door 2.2k 40
Maroon Smoke Machine 2k 36
Maroon Amber Lamp 2k 51
Maroon Pillar 2k 47
Maroon Laser Portal 2k 46
Maroon Powered Fan 2k 29
Maroon Marquee 2k 43
Maroon Oriental Door 2k 41
Maroon Sleeping Bag 2k 50
Gold Baloon 500 1 1